Thursday, September 02, 2010

Gardening: Clean-Up

It is time to say good-bye to the garden....

It has been lovely this summer but I am ready for it to end.

But I have made some decisions about next summer.....

More flowers.... and less tomatoes. I could not keep up with all the tomatoes this summer.

So to close the garden...

  1. I will pull it.
  2. Rototill some compost in it
  3. Cover with mulch.

Weed until the grass dies back and finally put a layer of dry leaves on it for the winter.

Besides, fall is the busiest time in the flower beds for me... so fall chores; grass seed, perennials dividing, bulb planting and finally bush placement will eat up all fall not to mention, leaves, leaves and oh yes, leaves.


  1. Your gardens are lush and beautiful! Love all your architectural elements. I can't put my gardens to bed yet. I planted pumpkins and they are having a riot! I also have gourds growing from my compost bin.

    Even without the green, those gardens must look lovely all year long!
    Everything you touch turnes to beauty.

  2. I decided that too! I want more zinnias less peppers and tomotoes. I just love your garden. Bring on fall!!


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