Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Decorating: Queen Anne Bench

I have been searching for a Queen Anne Bench for at least a year. I knew the bench would be perfect for my bedroom.

However, imagine my delight when we had two matching benches.. one for my bedroom and one for my daughter's condominium... but it was, well, kind of ugly. But for $25 each, who could pass them up?

First, she found this gorgeous fabric, which matched the rest of her dining room.

I would love to say that I upholstered it myself but when I called my trusty upholsterer, he quoted me a price of $80.... so needless to say, I let the professional do it and voila!!

Now you know why I love my upholsterer....

Isn't she gorgeous....

But I still wanted to dress her up a little more, so with the extra fabric from the curtains, I cut two rectangles.. 20 inches by 24 inches... Put right side together along the shorter end and sewed. Pull out the fabric and you will have a tube. Next, I slide batting into the fabric roll. Pull tight and carefully secure the ends.

Next, I wanted to cover buttons to match the bench.

Cut the fabric into circles using the guide on the back of the buttons.

Catch the fabric around the buttons.

And snap the back.

Sew onto the end.

How cute...

Since we finished her little dining room, we are moving into the living room. I knew this bench would be a perfect divider between the two spaces but also would give her extra seating at her dining room table if she needed it.

Okay, now I have to figure out what fabric I want for my bedroom.


  1. This is a showpiece! I love the fabric and the pillows just finish it to perfection. I am not sure how how I stumbled here, but it is nice to "meet" you!

  2. So pretty! You are lucky to have an upholstery person who is so reasonable.

    We have someone we absolutely love too. One problem, they've had my dining room end chairs since April! They call periodically and apologize. It's ok because I know they are worth the wait.


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