Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Decorating: Painted Table and Chairs

As a new home owner, my daughter put her pennies into the new home. So we gathered furniture from my house, her grandmother's dining room suite and the Craigslist china cabinet. Rather than having a mish mash... is that a word... of furniture, paint is an excellent way to pull the furniture together.

We painted the table the same color as the exterior of the china cabinet. (Sherwin Williams Outerbanks)

Decided to paint the chairs (Sherwin Williams Rye Grass)

Which is two shades lighter than the inside of the cabinet ( Sherwin Williams Celery)

She found this awesome fabric to match the curtain fabric. It was on clearance at a cool (read expensive) designer fabric store.

Next, I removed the existing chair covers

And used them as a pattern for the new chair covers.

And stapled the four sides, pulling the fabric taut.

Next, I stapled the corners of the chair pads

After the chair pads were finished, I primed the chairs with Zinsser Primer. The primer is excellent.. covers well and prevents the paint from chipping.

Here are the mismatched chairs before. We painted two coats of the Sherwin Williams paint.

Attached the chair pad back onto the chair.

The room looks fresh, fashionable and modern.

You wouldn't know that the furniture came from three different sources. It looks wonderful, I hope she loves it as much as I do. The entire dining room set cost $150 for the cabinet, one gallon of SW Outerbanks and two quarts of both SW Rye Grass and SW Celery.


  1. Beautiful dinning room! I love the colors you chose. She must be thrilled.

  2. what a great price...and a great dining room...lucky girl to have such a nice family to help out..


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