Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sewing a Balloon Curtain

We are still working to make the daughter's condominium her home. Curtains add a softness to a room and also can add color. Remember we want to add femininity without making it unbearable for her roommate, her brother and her future hubby after they are married.

This checked fabric, a satin taffeta, is "girly" enough for her while the pattern and colors add a sophisticated and masculine air.

And look how good it goes with the chair fabric?

The window is 35 inches wide and 50 inches long. She decided to have a "poofy" curtain, very technical term. I knew she would love the balloon shade, she had one in her nursery as a baby.

So I cut two lengths of fabric 60 inches long. Since the fabric is 54 inches wide and I needed it 74 inches wide, I cut one of the lengths in two 10 inches strips and sewed them to the length of the original piece.

Hemmed three sides to 2 inches and hemmed the top to 6 inches. I also added a casing on the top hem for the curtain rod.

I pinned four lengths of ring tape, equal distance apart.

And sewed the tape onto the fabric.

Once the curtain was on the rod and strung... it needed some fluffing.

And straightening.


I love the print, especially with the china cabinet.

Very fluffy

And I love the curtain rod too.


  1. That look is always perfect and timeless. The rods are nice too.

    I have that fabric in my living room but it's brownish and red colorway. Love it!

  2. lucky daughter to have you helping her out...


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