Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Decorating: Table Lamps

We are still on the daughter's condominium. We have been scouring yard sales looking for lamps, accessories and furniture. Inexpensive pieces to turn her house into a home.

Well, when S came across these lamps, she loved them.

Now, don't get me wrong, I can see lots of potential in most things but they were ugly. However, they did have some possibilities and at $10 for the pair, how could we go wrong?

First the lamps were primed.

Next we painted them with a gorgeous purple...

Remember her bedroom fabric choices

And her ruffled pillow.

Finally, we found lamp shades that were the right size and shape.

Hmmm.... kind of plain jane.

But, I felt they still needed something.. Okay, how about ruffles.

So whip out the fabric glue.

And start adding some ruffles.

And more ruffles.

Now they look good... very unique and funky.

She loves them, but then again, she found them.

So pretty!!!


  1. wow...they look great....lucky daughter...

  2. That Lamp it TOO CUTE! Great ideas. I'll be back.


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