Thursday, August 05, 2010

Customer Service and Twitter

On July 17th, I tweeted

"I am never buying anything from Sears again. Their customer service is terrible and will file a small claims file against them."

They had charged my Sears card $510 interest for a freezer that I had paid off in advance of the one year mark. But I had charged two washers and a dryer on my Sears card. Sears charged me the interest because they applied part of my $2000 for the freezer to the washers and dryers, which I paid off the next month. Any way, long story short... they contacted me through twitter after that tweet and during the last three weeks, we had several email exchanges.

Side note: I love my freezer...

Meanwhile, I had sworn off Sears and told all my friends to avoid Sears. And to make matters worse, I needed a new vacuum and could not find one under $800 that I liked except at Sears.

Well ladies,
yesterday, Sears credit called me to tell me they were wrong, they credited the interest and all the late fees. Yeah!!!!! Sears is now back in the fold.

Twitter has been criticized as being silly and frivolous. But Twitter is an important customer service tool for both the companies and the customers. I know many companies who are tuned to any positive or more importantly negative feedback from their customers. It allows the customer to talk to the public and the company.

I am so happy with Sears that I am going to buy a vacuum today from them. I will also tweet how happy I am So, thank you Sears and all my Peeps... time to shop Sears.


  1. Way to go! It feels so good to win a battle like that sometimes.

  2. Excellent! I am glad they saw it your way. Gorgeous freezer!

  3. Cynthia,
    We had similar problems with Sears Customer Service. We bought an entire kitchen worth of appliances from them. They gave us the wrong size hood. I took it back to the store to get it replaced. Sounds simple? Not quite. The customer service center wouldn't let us return it because they were telling the manager that we hadn't given back the merchandise. The managar that was standing with me at the store explained that I had the merchandise with me still in the brand new never opened box. I waited over 3 hours for them to resolve the issue. I too swore off sears, and unless they get their customer service center in line we will never use them again. The truly sad part about this story is that I love the appliances that I bought from them. However, if they make a mistake as a consumer I have to know that the manager of the store has the ability to make it right without waiting for over 3 hours. I also had to stand in the store and demand them to make it right. My personality isn't demanding, but I had to have the hood in order to host my family for Thanksgiving. It wasn't until I got loud and obnoxious that the manager would take me seriously. I am glad you finally resolved your experience.
    grace and peace,

  4. good for stood your ground...and it paid off...

  5. glad you like Sears - I had an account with them for 32 years, always paid in full, and on time. They cancelled the card, without notification, because it hadn't been used in 18 months. I cut that card up, mailed it to them and asked not to be contacted about ANYTHING! 6 months later, I got a phone call from someone who could barely speak English, "Mrs. M, I understand you have a problem with the account" . . . end of story . . . I still refuse to shop there!


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