Thursday, July 08, 2010

Gardening: My Potting Shed

I have the most fantastic potting shed.

I don't think I have shown you any pictures since I had the interior painted.

The pots are all lined up and ready for plants. But since my knees were replaced, I gave up potted flowers this year.... but how pretty do they look?

My son built a potting table that was tall enough to put some trash cans (one holds the soil and the other holds bird seed) but more fantastic than that is the ability to fill pots with dirt. I will show you more next week.

Next to the potting table is a pretty shelf that holds all the vases and a utility sink. With the sink, I can wash all the pots, water flowers, put the cut flowers in vases, etc. What a joy!!

I found this shelf at a yard sale for $5. Look how pretty the top of it is...

Next to the sink is a wall of tools....

And from the rafters, I hang baskets, a bird cage, fun pots, etc.

I also have decorated the shed with this cute half watering can and some silk hydragenas.

And we added this pretty words.... the motto of my garden. GROW, BLOSSOM, BLOOM!


  1. Cynthia,
    Oh, how I would love to have your potting shed.
    It is such a great space. And you have stocked it so well with some beautiful and practical gardening essentials!
    I love the potting table your son made for you. Boy, will that save your knees!
    Your pots are a magazine picture themselves! They are so adorable all lined up and waiting for a plant.

    I just had a potting table made and put on my back porch. You have given me some wonderful ideas and inspiration. Thanks1

    Did you ever realize that we often post about similar things? I think it's the "great minds" things!
    Beautiful, fun and so inspiring post!

  2. you have the coolest potting shed...

  3. One of these days I will have one just. like. that. ;0)

  4. My new house came with a gardener's shed, so thanks for some great ideas of things I should do with mine. I'm saving all my leftover paints to use in the shed, so it's going to end up a bunch of different colors in the end :-) Gonna steal that idea for the garbage bins!

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