Monday, July 26, 2010

Decorating: Painting Furniture

When my daughter purchased her condominium, she and I wanted to transform the space into a modern, feminine and fashionable space. Shortly after she purchased the condo, she became engaged to her sweet fiance.

So we needed to tone down the feminine…. Darn it.

So as we finished painting, plastering, tiling and installing hardwood floors, we started scouring yard sales and Craigslist for pieces that would fit in with the hand-me downs hubby and I had given her.

One important piece we searched several months for was a china cabinet. Her kitchen is very small and a china cabinet would be an ideal place to store dishes and serving pieces.

Enter this beauty!! Curved drawers, pretty legs and plenty of storage without being too imposing. And very inexpensive.


We tested several colors.


Next, we sanded and primed the piece.


007 (2)

Next we picked a soft taupe color (Sherwin Williams Outerbanks) to tone down the feminine lines of the piece.

012 (2)

We painted the inside a soft green, a beautiful contrast to the taupe. (SW Celery) The green provided a beautiful background for my first set of dishes which I handed down, but also brightened the interior.

006 (2)

And the green sets of her first “engagement” present… Thank you Mary. My daughter loves Kate Spade and these candlesticks are gorgeous.

009 (2)

She can also display pictures…

011 (2)

Overall, she is thrilled with the results. A beautiful substantial piece of furniture that is feminine without being overly girly.

001 (2)

The table is painted the same color…. but wait to see what we have in store for the chairs!! You are going to love it.

I am participating in Just a Girl's Show and Share Day.


  1. wow it turned out beautiful Cynthia...lucky daughter to have you helping her out...

  2. Cynthia, YOu have done an absolutely masterful job transforming this piece into a work of art!
    Incredible! I love the colors you chose.
    Today I am painting 2 small accent tables. I'm not experienced in painting furniture, but now I am inspired!

  3. Oh my goodness, that looks fantastic! They are so lucky that you are helping them with a great start.


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