Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Crafting: A Fancy Dog Bowl

Here are the culprits....

They are always thirsty..... And there is never enough water for them.

So when I came across this vessel sink, I thought... Wouldn't that make a pretty dog bowl.

My son built a wood stand, according to my design.

I added special decorative wood touches.

Sanded, sanded and some exterior paint.

And voila.. a fancy dog bowl.

It is practical... and big.

Big enough for everyone....

Including the puppy.


  1. Your dogs are adorable! And you dog bowl is a piece of art!
    What a great idea. You dogs may not care what they drink out of, but it is sure lovely to look at.
    Kudos to you for this creastive and pretty dog bowl!

  2. great creation...we use a big metal bucket...Rooster likes to get in and cool have to change water frequently...

  3. So smart and beautiful! I'm always just appalled at the bowls that are out there for big dogs. I love your thinking.

  4. BRILLIANT!! You my friend are a Gen-E-US! We are having to change/add water all day long for our labs. We have a plastic kiddy pool they like to lay in but the water bowls are always empty and then they drag them all over the yard! I am so going to start watching the mark down stuff at the hardware stores and i think we have a discount place here somewhere too. Thank you for sharing this Brilliant Idea! Love ya'

  5. You are ingenious. I wish I was ingenious. *green with envy*

  6. I second what Green Acres says! Way to repurpose, recycle and reuse! Pretty AND fuctional! The best.

    Out of curiosity, did you have to plug a drain hole at the bottom of the sink?

    This week dogsitting MJ, I need one of those. All I do is fill the water bowl ALL.DAY.LONG!!!! :)


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