Saturday, July 31, 2010

Confession: Butterfly Photo Shoot

The other day, there were four monarch butterflies in my back flower garden.

One landed on the ground and stayed there for a while.

My daughter got my big camera out and took some fantastic pictures.

Even closer

Look at his body... matching the wings.

How cute is he?

Well, let me show you the view I had during this photo shoot. With my iPhone, I took pictures of my daughter taking the butterfly picture.

I like nature shoots.

She does a great job.... Look how awesome she looks.

But I never expected this view.

Oh dear...

I have permission to post this picture. She is such a good sport for her mom's blog. I got her a pedicure for this shot.


  1. love the butterfly photos...but have to say the ones of your daughter are my favorite...and worth a pedicure...

  2. Hey that's what it takes sometimes. :) Beautiful pictures!

  3. LOL...well, sometimes you just have to get down to get the shot!


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