Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sewing: Grocery Bags

I have been using plastic grocery bags... yes, I know. Horrible. But those bags are ugly. And I don't like ugly stuff. So I finally broke down and thought I could make some cute ones.

So I ordered some cute oil cloth.

And found some matching strap fabric.

Cut each oil cloth in a 20 inch by 18 inch squares. Putting right sides together.

Sew three sides of the rectangle, leaving one 20 inch side open for the top.

Next, in order to create a bag that lays flat on a surface, take the corner and lay flat.

Measure 4 1/2 inch across the corner and mark.

Sew along the line.

Here is how it looks when sewn.

Cut the excess off.

Next turn out the exterior bag and insert the interior bag, with wrong sides together.

Fold over and pin. Next pin the strap. Now, I made both the straps 36 inches long because I wanted to be able to throw the bags over my shoulder. Sew the top of the bag together.

Look how cute they are... Three grocery bags.

And they hold a lot of groceries.

Especially flowers and bread.

Oh yeah and look how cute the interior is... actually these bags are reversible.

I hope you like them.. they took about 2 hours to make and look much nicer than the ones you can buy at the store. I think I need one more.


  1. Good Morning Cynthia.
    Oh your bags are way too cute!! Great job!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  2. oh those are so much cuter than the ones you buy from the stores...and will probably last a lot longer too....adorable Cynthia...

  3. Why didn't I think of that?? That's a fabulous idea, and I'm on it! They came out cute too.

  4. Cynthia, This project is singing my song!!!! What a wonderful idea. I love to make things pretty. And if I had these bags I wouldn't keep forgetting my bags in the car!
    This is on my summer list of things to make! Wouldn't they make the best hostess, birthday, homewarming... gifts?
    Brilliant and oh, so cute!

  5. May I link with a pic? Please and thank you, clever lady! Looks great!

  6. I have become addicted to cute shopping bags!! Yours are very cute:)

  7. These are adorable! Maybe you should sell some, or have a giveaway! ;-)

  8. Those are so cute!!! I'm almost tempted to get out my seldom used sewing machine.

  9. You, my friend, are brilliant! And crafty. And talented. And cute too.


  10. Super cute. I'm inspired!



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