Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bridal Shower: The Candy Bar

We hosted a bridal shower last month. I knew the bride wanted a candy bar for her wedding but they gave up the idea. So I thought I would give her the candy bar she wanted at the shower.

So how do you make a candy bar?

1. First, search out candy by the bride's colors. Her colors are pink, orange and brown. Well, brown candy is easy but I searched out the internet and local candy stores for pink and orange candy. Candy Warehouse has a wonderful assortment of candy by pound and they ship with chill packs to make sure the candy does not melt.

2. Next, I focused on presentation. Balance and height between the two colors, pink and orange. Apothecary jars added the needed height with two Anchor Hocking jars, both big and smaller.

3. Another trick to balance the table was adding big Lollipops standing in styrofoam covered with tissue paper.

4. The bride loves M and M's, who doesn't but after five pounds of M and M's, the jar still looked empty. So I added crinkled filler paper in the same color to help fill up the jar and make the candy have more presence.

5. Salt water taffy, an inexpensive candy, comes in a lot of colors and allows you to stretch the candy bar budget while making a big impact with the color.

6. Labels allow your guests to know what is in the jars. We found these labels in the scrapbooking area of a hobby and fabric store. Perfectly matched her colors and the feel of the bridal shower.

7. Because the candy bar was the dessert for the bridal shower, I added cupcakes in the same color palette of the candy. The cupcakes were easy to ice with a super large star tip. In addition, we ordered brown cupcake liners. Cupcake liners have really become a fashion statement and I did go a little crazy with other liners.... wait until you see.

8. We made sure to stock the candy bar with small bags and ties so the guests could take candy home with them.

Overall, the candy bar was a big hit... I think it looked very festive with the rest of the party.

And the bride seemed to love it!!!

Besides, that was the most important thing to me!!


  1. you did a great job...I love the way you put the crinkled paper in the bottom..I didn't even notice till you pointed it out....candy can get expensive...I did a candy bar at my daughter in laws baby shower and it was a hit also...

  2. Thank you for the great idea. I saw this on your previous post. Then you come along and provide a website! The kids are in hoggy doggy heaven and say "WE LOVE YOUR FRIEND! SHE"S A GENIUS!" this is a quote. I have decided to make their birthday cakes and not pay a bakery. We will have tye-dye arrangement of hard rod candy and teeny lollipops for Audrey's party and pick out blue and yellow for William's spongebob party. No goody bags persay...candy fun.
    Now. How do you make those cool tissue ball looking things hanging from the awning over the patio? We joined a pool for the summer and will reserve a covered picnic area for the party.

  3. What an awesome idea! I'm craving candy now, lol. Love the colors too :)


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