Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Knee Update

To most of my readers and blogging friends, you are probably not aware of my competitive nature. While in the hospital, I came across this board with my room number on it. Apparently, this board measures how far you walk, while in the hospital. Room 558.

Well, that is all I needed to know. Here is the board when I left the hospital.

Apparently, all I need is a board and stickers to be motivated.


  1. That's hilarious. Well, whether it's intrinsic motivation or stickers it's working for you. Must be great for your recovery. :)

  2. that is are a go getter Cynthia...

  3. I love it!! Great job on your progress!

  4. Gave me a little chuckle. I so remember encouraging mother to walk after her surgery. She has basically given up, but given that she is 89, I really do not fault her.
    Glad to see you made such great progress and are doing well now.

  5. I love boards and stickers! Amazing what it will do for your motivation!!!


  6. You are a trip and a half!!!! Way to go, girlfriend. I'm so proud of you!!!


  7. Hilarious! And that lat post took me from hungry to starving! Love your blog, I'll definitely be checking back. So great meeting you guys today, we're really looking forward to working with y'all!!! - Natalie


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