Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Decorating: Removing a Popcorn Ceiling

Friday, my daughter bought her first home. A cute condo that needed a fabulous decorating touch and one fatal flaw!!!! A POPCORN CEILING.

Every where you looked... popcorn. Now a love to eat popcorn but hate it on the ceiling.

So we decided to remove it and here is how we did it.... spray the ceiling with warm water. It really helps if you wear some Coach sunglasses!!

Let sit a few minutes and then scrap off with wide scraper.

Don't forget to have your brother help you!!!

His birthday is today!!! He does have a handsome smile...

Also have your friends help..

Girls, got plaster?

Make sure you put plastic on the floor. It is a messy process.

I told you it was messy.... My daughter's boyfriend went in for a kiss.... no way dude.

Cover everything that can get popcorn on it.

And look at the final results.

A smooth ceiling.

It will need some sanding, a couple of fixes in the dry wall and paint.

The happy, tired, fantastically cute crew!!! Great jobs guys!!!

I was the food boss so when they came home... they all had showers, lasagna and cupcakes.

P.S. Happy Birthday Son... good luck on your final.


  1. Awesome! It makes me proud to see these kids working hard. Your daughter should be so proud of herself!

  2. nice team work....and good Mom for feeding them for their hard work...

  3. Awesome job...sure looks like a lot of hard work.


  4. OH MY GAWSH I HATE popcorn ceilings!!! We must have looked at sixty homes when we bought our Ohio house and if it had texture or popcorn it was a "no way!"

    The house we'e in has popcorn EVERYWHERE!!!

    Good job and congrats to S on the new place!!! :)

  5. Wow, Cynthia! What a hard day of work. You need to be very young to spend the day with your arms above your head.

    Your daughter must be thrilled!

  6. What a job!! But I would hate the popcorn as well. Cute pictures of your kids with their friends. Happy Birthday to your son!


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