Friday, May 28, 2010

A Beautiful Thing: Memorial Day

Memorial Day is traditionally the kick off of the summer season. However, Memorial Day is much more important than just a three day weekend. Memorial Day is a day to honor the U.S. men and women who died in service of their country. The day was originally called Decoration Day and was a way that the country honored those soldiers killed in the Civil War.

I know it is uncool to be patriotic, to sing the National Anthem, to hang flags, to cry at the Battle Hymn of the Republic and to sit and listen to an elderly World War 2 vet retell his war stories. But if that is the case, then I am happy to be an uncool, hick that is patriotic!!!

It is a beautiful thing when young men and women are willing to sacrifice their lives, time with their family to serve their country.

And when they make the ultimate sacrifice.... the least I can do is honor that sacrifice. So whip out your flags, your banners, your patriotic songs, your corny red, white and blue shirts and visit a veteran's cemetery, watch the parades and honor those that died for your freedom.


  1. Beautiful. I remember when we called it Decoration Day.

  2. God Bless America...I'm proud to be an American...and will not appologize for it...

  3. Beautiful post, Cynthia! I am waving my red white and blue! I am so patriotic proud.
    Beautiful images- thanks for the reminder!


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