Friday, May 21, 2010

A Beautiful Thing: Meals from friends

My fridge is full of delicious food that I had nothing to do with at all. The dishes were brought by friends and neighbors given my knee situation. I am so lucky to have special friends that remember my family while I am out of commission.

This small gesture makes a tremendous difference in our life. I can concentrate on getting well without worrying about what to make for dinner.

Do you know someone who you could use a home cooked meal or treat? Your shining face would be a beautiful thing for your friend, family or neighbor.


  1. Just found out yesterday that a friend's dad died during the graduation festivities. Making a meal is on my agenda today.

    Hope you are getting better by the day!

  2. you ae very fortunate to have such wonderful friends...hope all is going well with your recovery...I love the tradition of sending food to friends or family at their time of need...

  3. I was thinking the other day about you and thinking I wished I lived closer so I could bring you something yummy and homemade. I am glad you have such wonderful friends -- it's nice to see you getting spoiled as you are always so generous with others.

    I remember when we first moved in our next door neighbor baked us the most delicious chocolate cake. and brought it to our door. I was so touched and to this day, she continues to be an awesome neighbor. God always gives us just what we need!

    Hugs, sweet friend! I miss you!

  4. What a sweet blessing! Don't you just love that?!

    Take it easy...get well, sweet friend.



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