Saturday, April 24, 2010

What do you wear all day?

Several big bloggers are discussing what they wear all day... Well, I though I would join the discussion. On most days, as you know, I am either painting, cleaning, baking or gardening. So I have a type of uniform if I don't leave the house.. I wear overalls.

Nothing as cute as her overalls... I don't look as cute as she does either, but overalls let me work without worrying about getting paint on me or fondant. I even have two pair of pink overalls... covered, and I mean, covered in paint.

When I run errands, meet friends for lunch or step out of my house ... to meet the public. I wear cute clothes... I dress nice but for around the house and working in the yard... Overalls it is. I just ordered three new pairs for this summer.

What do you wear around the house?


  1. I have a couple of ancient pairs of jeans that are stretched out in all the right places. I wear them over and over. They have paint on them too. It's not pretty and I will confess that I sometimes wear them out. It's not the right thing to do. :)

  2. I like the idea of overalls! I wear old jeans and a t-shirt in winter and shorts and a sleeveless or very short sleeve top in summer.Most are paint or otherwise stained from various projects. All are worn with crocs-the most comfortable shoe in my opinion.

  3. HI Cynthia,
    Usually I wear an old pair of levi's and one of Jack's t shirts.

    That is what I have on right now.


  4. As long as a bra isn't involved, I'm happy

  5. jeans and a t-shirt..or shorts and a t-shirt in the summer...

  6. I have about 5 different overalls and LOVE them. I usually wear my comfy 'stretch pants' around the house!


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