Thursday, April 15, 2010

Decorating: Where to start?

My daughter has purchased her first home. A pretty two bedroom condo. She loves it and hopefully, the Newfoundland will love it too. However, she does not close until the end of this month and we have some fun projects to do before my next knee surgery so this month has been spent planning where to start.
I am an Economist not a decorator so this post is strictly my opinion of how I decorate my home and have done it this way for 26 years.
1. First I find a great piece of fabric. Something that every time you look at it, you smile. A fabric so pretty and so inspiring that you could build a home around it.

How do you find that fabric? Search every fabric store in your town.
Here is her inspirational fabric for her bedroom. Isn’t it fantastic…. feminine and bold all at the same time.

2. We loved the purple in the inspiration fabric so we went on a search for purple fabrics…. not an easy task. But we can't decorate the whole room in this fabric so we will support the initial fabric, through color, texture or design.

This purple geometric design matches the inspiration fabric perfectly and offers modern twist in the room.

Next we look for a solid... always a good fabric to have for lots of different pieces... like duvet covers or big pillows.

And then we found this sweet green geometric for additional dimension.

Finally, we found some dark purples. They will be used sparingly as they can overwhelm the original inspiration fabric but these purples add strong anchors to a light palette of colors.

3. Next, what will the walls look like? Paint or wallpaper.
Well, as luck would have it…. two months ago when I was searching for kitchen paint, we came across this little Behr booklet and this picture!!! She so loved it, that I ripped it out of their little pamphlet.
When she picked the fabric, I just so happened to have that picture in my purse. How perfect is the paint pallet for this fabric.

Here is a better picture of the bathroom. We are considering adding the molding to the bedroom.

Behr colors: Sliced Cucumber with trim of pillar white. French lilac and Contessa both purples, one lighter and one darker.

4. By now, you know the direction or style you are heading in…. classic, modern, traditional, French country, etc. We are looking a very sweet elegant French country. Next, we are looking for a pretty chandelier for the room.

Like this one from Home Depot for $89.
Once you find the fabrics, paint or wallpaper, and the direction your heading, the decorating is very easy. Like painting by numbers, we look at the existing bedding, pillows, furniture and decide what gets re-upholstered, re-painted, new pillow shams, new covering and what color to paint what. We will inventory every thing she is moving and make a to-do list.
Next, I will have to start sewing… but don’t worry, I will bring you along for the adventure.


  1. Congratulations Daughter!! What an exciting step to take in life. I know y'all will have so much fun decorating your first home. :)

  2. Yay!!! Congrats S!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

    As for the colors and, love, love them!!! Let me know when she gets the guest room done. I want to come stay in it! :)

    And I think the way you go about decorating is spot on...seems logical to me. I always start with fabrics.

    Thursday HUGS!!!

  3. so lucky she has you to help her out...can't wait to see the process...and the finished project...

  4. Oh YEA! I am so excited to watch this process. Since I can't even get texture on my living room walls for another eon I have to live through others fun decorating. And you are awesome! Love all the wonderful fabrics and ideas.


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