Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Confession: My House is a Wreck

This picture sums up my life. I tried to mow around the newspaper, rather than get off the mower and pick up the paper!!!

With getting ready for the kids condo, the bridal shower, my next knee surgery and cleaning the yard for spring, I am cutting corners and creating a mess!!! And my new knee hurts like heck!

The positive news is that you all understand and love me as I am!!!

P.S. The punishment for my son to clean up this mess was me posting this picture on my blog!!! Hopefully I have fulfilled my end of the bargain!


  1. we all have days like that...thank goodness tomorrow is a new day...

  2. Sorry. I am laughing. It's nice to know that even Cynthia can, on occassion, have a messy yard too. :) Love you and am very proud you posted. You are human and not afraid to let others know.

  3. OH NO!!!!....
    but kinda funny...sorry!

  4. oh no, another surgery? hang in there girl. dont worry about the yard!

  5. Oh my gosh!!! This is something I totally would do. See, cutting corners always leads to more work. (Do I sound like a mother?)

    And that B sure is cute, rake and all! :)

  6. We would love you if your house was a disaster daily, the paper smeared with grape jelly daily...we love you for your mind and your heart...and what you wish to share and help us learn!


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