Friday, April 09, 2010

A Beautiful Thing: PJ Day

This post is way overdue. Before my knee surgery, one Saturday, I decided to call an official PJ day with the kids and anyone who would follow my advice!!! Like my Hookey Day, PJ Day is a day to slow down , take time to enjoy your family, reconnect and rest-up. Unlike Hookey Day, the goal is to cuddle and stay home.

So here are the rules of PJ Day

  1. Obviously, everyone wears their PJ’s all day. I will spare you the picture of me in my PJ’s but I do like to wear something cute, in case someone knocks on the front door.


2. You do not make your bed. As someone who makes their bed every day, it is a difficult rule to follow.

3. Sleep as late as possible on PJ Day

4. Eat all meals in bed. Messy but fun!!!

5. The only allowable activities on PJ day are games, movies, reading. I caught up on this stack of magazines. Obviously, someone needs to fix the food but make is short and sweet.


6. Naps are required.

7. Hug your hubby and/or children at least twice during the day.

8. And lastly, no laundry, cleaning, nagging or worrying!!!!

The best part about the day is the reconnecting with your family but also, PJ day does not cost a thing. It is free, fun and your children will remember these days better than a Saturday filled with errands, etc.

Again, I want to highlight how you make your life more beautiful for you and your family.

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Do you need a PJ day?


  1. Sign me up. I need a PJ day! I LOVE THIS IDEA!

  2. I am a person who drags out putting on her clothes EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! I stay in my "lounge wear" as long as possible! :)

    BTW, Molly loves PJ DAY! She spends many days only wanting to stay in her PJ's -- I guess she's wise beyond her years, huh?! :)

    Friday HUGS!!!

  3. oh I haven't had a PJ day in years...what fun...

  4. First time to stop by your blog, but will be back. I love the idea of PJ day, it is like the Dr Suess book, "I am not getting up today"

    I will try this with my two youngest that are still at home.

    Love your slogan on dreams and actions.


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