Friday, April 30, 2010

A Beautiful Thing: Pets

Pets are a beautiful thing. Some people will disagree with me because they can be kind of a pain!!! And they can be work. But the reason I think they are a beautiful thing is they add such









Part of the family

My first Old English Sheepdog used to bark at my husband if I cried. He loved me so much that if I left town, he would not eat until I came back. I never cried as hard as when I had to let him go.

I love my pets. I would do just about anything for them and they have given me such love and affection. I would not be me without my dogs. And funny thing is that everyone who knows me, knows how I am about my dogs.

P.S. It looks like we may have a new addition to our family... but we will keep our fingers crossed.


  1. Amen Sister!!

    Did you find a kitten too? :) I am so in love with this kitten. Yesterday she climbed up on Katie, our big lab, and went to sleep. Katie sat very still not quite sure what was going on.

    The only thing I would ever change about pets is their tendency to smell like animals.

  2. I know what you mean...we love our 5 dogsIthey have their own blog)...unfortunately our blue heeler has developed a heart condition...he's 10 years old...we are not sure how much longer he will be will we are enjoying every moment with him...

  3. I LOVE MY MOLLY! I know exactly what you mean about pets!

  4. I have two dogs, real pavement specials, three cats, twelve geese, a whole lot of chickens and rabits, all freerange so impossible to count, three mountain tortoises, a fishtank and innumerable wild things. I love animals. They are always so happy to see me that it gives coming home a special flavour.
    God bless you.


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