Saturday, March 06, 2010

My new best friend

Twenty-six years ago, when I first was married, I embarked on the long journey of furnishing a home. And while my husband gave me free reign within reason.. but he did gently tell me he liked recliners.

Urggg, I wrinkled up my face in horror and said, “no way, not in my home.”

Well, after sleeping in a recliner in the hospital during the last three nights there, I decided we needed a recliner.

Not only did we need a recliner, we needed it ASAP.

So after my husband and daughter brought me home from the hospital, they wisked off to the La-Z-Boy store and purchased this chair.


It is where I spend my days for the last two weeks. If I had thought about it  earlier, I would have ordered it in a stylish fabric but was desperate to find a comfortable chair.


But for now, I am hugging my new best friend every day and appreciating a recliner like I never thought I would…. Sorry honey, 26 years later, I am now on the same page. 


  1. Don't fret! Once you're all recovered you can find some stylish fabric and cover your new best friend so it will blend in with your beautiful home.

  2. Recliners have improved immensely over the years. No longer do they look like the ratty plaid and silver duct tape version as featured on the TV show Frazier.

    Enjoy your new best friend!


  3. Are you walking yet?
    I am still on your other page about recliners. Don't have one and hope I never need one. Am glad though that it is giving you the comfort you need right now.

  4. Did you at least buy him a matching one so you both could sit and recline together???

    Hope you're feeling better!

  5. I love it! It's actually not all that bad -- and knowing you, you'll get it recovered or something! Hee. Hee.

    As for our household. My hubby hates lay-z-boys and I love, love, love them. He won't let me have one -- although I do wonder, where would I put it or how does it fit in to the decor.

    I suppose if Fraser can live with his Dad's chair, we could all stand to get one! :)

    Glad you're doing so great!


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