Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gardening: Grass Seed

Here in the south, we work hard to maintain a soft, luscious lawn. March is a key time to aerate and supplement the lawn with grass seed.

The first step is to know what type of grass you already have in your yard. We have Kentucky Fescue 31 but if you are unsure, take a picture, and a small patch of sod from your yard, a quarter size to your local nursery to ask them what type of grass seed you will need.


The next step to this process is to aerate the yard. I use a plug aerator, like this one and attach it to the back of my riding lawn mower.

coreplugger Source

Now, I know that I need to aerate because I have clay soil, but if you have sandy soil, you may not need to aerate. Also, if you are going to aerate, doing it at this time of year allows you to expose the soil without hurting your lawn through high heat. Spring is also a wonderful time to aerate because the soil is damp and soft.

Next, I spread the grass seed with a spreader according to the setting on the back of the bag.


Next, I ride back and forth, spreading the grass seed as evenly as possible across the lawn. I do stop and fill in any holes in the yard with additional seed.

Over the next ten days, I will keep an eye on the yard. As long as it either rains or the grass has morning dew, the seed will germinate. However, if we have several dry days, I will need to wet down the seed but that is rarely necessary.

In the next three weeks, the seed will germinate and fill in the lawn, making it lush and full.

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  1. You know, Cynthia, I knew all of that but there are folks who don't. My husband for instance. He would have never known about lawns and their care. When I married him..he watered and he mowed and after his wife died he simply let the back yard die because he didn't care. Never in the nearly fifty years he lived here did he feed a lawn. There was hedges on both sides of the back yard, and Heavenly Bamboo lining the back fence and the back of the house..but not a flower. Not one. I began watering the back when I came here, but dust flew for months...he also doesn't put in winter rye for a green lawn all year round.
    I showed him about feeding and had beds put in, curbing and flowers. I am still working on it.
    Anyway...seed time is coming and you reminded me to get busy!
    Enjoyed reading this post.
    :) Mona


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