Friday, March 26, 2010

A Beautiful Thing: The Art of Puttering

One of my favorite things to do is to putter around the home. I think that is a “woman” thing… though, comparable to men’s “tinkering”. Samuel Johnson said that “women have a great advantage that they may take up with little things without disgracing themselves….”

In order to putter, I put on a pretty apron, some music that fits my mood and open the doors and windows if possible.


Puttering to me is similar to putting order in the home but with a different twist. While I stack piles, water plants, dust with an ostrich feather and sweep, I also allow myself to rearrange objects, sort through drawers, pictures, etc. Puttering is the ability to look at my home with a fresh light… able to edit items, think of new solutions to problems and just the ability to enjoy my home without the pressure of rushing out the door.


My home and my spirit are better when I allow myself time to putter, to free my mind of the thoughts of the day and like Samuel Johnson “take up with little things”.

Again, I want to highlight how you make your life more beautiful for you and your family.


Do you putter? If not, you should!


  1. I could putter the day away most days! It's really my favorite state of being...especially if there's coffee and sunshine. :)

  2. I like demands...sometimes I get more accomplished puttering...

  3. I certainly do putter...probably more often than I should!

  4. I plan to putter tomorrow. Today I'm just too pooped to putter.


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