Thursday, March 11, 2010

Accomplished Woman: Planning a Bridal Shower

People always ask me how I get so much done in a day... My response: PLANNING!!!!

So when my friend's beautiful daughter got engaged, I wanted to give her a bridal shower. And more importantly, I wanted to make it very special for the mother and the daughter.

Here is my plan:

1. Start with inspiration. I always save pictures for inspiration, as you all know. This picture is the jumping off point for the shower. I am unsure of the source but love the ideas.

2. Sit with the bride to find out her colors, flowers and the date for the shower. If the bride wants a theme, discuss that at the time. In addition, the bride really wanted a candy bar for her wedding but they decided not to do it given space limitations, so I thought it would be a special addition to her shower.

3. Get the invitation list for the shower. Order invitations. I am having a difficult time finding an invitation I like so this step has been very time consuming.

4. Pick a venue.. restaurant or at your home. We are having the shower in our back entertainment area. It is a wonderful place to host a party, remember my daughter's birthday party? Although I must have a back up plan given weather fluctuations in Tennessee.

5. Develop a menu. Buffet or sit-down luncheon. Since this shower is approximately 20 people, I opted for a sit-down luncheon. Also, girl food is so fun...

6. Decide on decorations, centerpieces, favors and any special touches you want to add.

7. Make a calender plan. This step is the most important step after the bridal meeting. Start with your date and back date from there. For Example:
  • Shower is May 8th
  • Flowers ordered, April 30th
  • Invitations in the mail, April 8th
  • Decorations, favors, and items purchased, such as table cloths, etc by April 15th
  • Menu planned, March 31st
  • Decide the look, table layout and what elements you need by March 15th
  • Meet with the bride, March 13th
This calender gives me plenty of time to calmly plan the shower and add the details that hopefully, will make the shower special for the special bride.


  1. Cute. What is your menu? My bridal shower is March 27th, and my wedding is May 8th! :)

  2. you are good..I just found out on Tuesday I'm giving a bridal shower on the 21st....had to kick in high's going to be at my house..I have some things left over from my daughter in laws shower that I will be using...that helps..and invites were sent via e-mail and hallmark...where there's a will there's a way...

  3. You are brave planning the shower outdoors. I've seen tornados in April. I've seen snow in April. I'll say a prayer your day is lovely and sunny.

    Love your blog!



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