Friday, March 05, 2010

Accomplished Woman – Inspirational Photos

When planning my garden or decorating my home, I look to a file of beautiful pictures that I have collected over the years. Pulled out of magazines or saved on the computer, every time I need to find inspiration, these pictures provide me the exact boost to lift me out of my funk and get busy.

Last year in a Country Living Magazine, this garden picture knocked my socks off.

A gorgeous vegetable garden that has interest. Height with trees and trellis. Vegetable beds dotted with flowers.

I spent hours this winter, looking at ways to incorporate some of the same elements into my vegetable garden.

In addition, I have this picture saved as my computer screensaver. By making it always in front of me, I will constantly be reminded what I am trying to achieve in the garden; reminding me to weed, plant, and tend my garden.

I did the same thing with my inspiration photo for the garage last summer when we were in the middle of my garage remodel.


And look what we accomplished when we used this photo!!


Inspirational photos can motivate us to raise the bar, reach a new level and achieve new goals.

Pull out your inspirational photo of a project you want to accomplish and put it front and center in your daily life. I guarantee you will meet your goal.


  1. I am DROOLING over that garden!!!! I recently started an inspirational journal with pics like that! Hope your knee is healing nicely:)

  2. Oh yes I have a file like that too. My gardening photos are not veggie gardens they are flower gardens. They are frequently full of flowers, lined with huge bolders, and expensive. They definitely raise the bar!

  3. You and I both! I love inspirational photos!

    Great post. Hope you are recovering!

  4. Those are inspirational photos! I would love a garden just like that, only with a picket fence instead of split rail. The furbabies could be kept out better that way.

    Still wishing you a speedy recovery!

    Susan at Charm of the Carolines

  5. I just sent a picture of a garden that I like to hubby and asked him if this picture was possible for our garden next year when he's home. I'm not sure what I'm doing this year with him in Afghanistan, but it's nice to still be able to plan and dream with him. Great ideas!


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