Monday, February 08, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Woodwork


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We finished cleaning the kitchen, the walls and now we are working our way down the wall. Washing woodwork is my least favorite job. You can imagine, I have to wash woodwork more than twice a year with three large dogs.

First, I vacuum all the woodwork; baseboards, crown molding, door jams and chair rails.

With a bucket of warm water and a 1/4 c. of all-purpose cleaner, gloves and a soft cloth, I wipe them down.

I include a scrub brush in the bucket because sometimes dirt on the woodwork can be a little stubborn.

Again, I make notes on any woodwork that needs to be painted, have loose boards or needs to be fixed.

This job is done for another 4 months… thank goodness.


  1. your house must be sparkling....

  2. Okay, I'm suppose to WASH them now?? I thought just going over them every now and then with a dry cloth was okay.

    Did you cover floors yet?? Need help with my new hardwood ones!!!

    Seriously, these are great posts!

  3. With construction, our baseboards and molding is looking a little under the weather. I think I will tackle it once all construction is finished.

  4. I am worn out reading this! You are awesome. Now I feel guilty and must clean my woodwork:)


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