Friday, February 05, 2010

Accomplish Women: Part 3

Your friends and family are starving for more of you… I don’t mean more of your cleaning, cooking, etc. I mean more of the genuine you.

When I make menus, I design a menu to make dinner easier. I know what I am cooking that night (usually a source of frustration in most households including mine). But the correct ingredients are in the pantry. This step is very simple, almost too simple.

But let me tell you the result of this small step. This action frees up my time and lowers my stress level. Food is in the pantry and I love making dinner. What was once a chore, is a pleasure. Meal time is fun again and I save money because we don’t eat out as much.

My family gets more of my time.

Now let me state emphatically, you do not have to make a menu or be a clone of what I do… You may be one of those lucky people who can walk into a pantry and whip up a fantastic meal with what you have on hand… I am not one of you. I require a meal plan, written recipe and a grocery list.

Maybe because my father passed away at age 35, my mother at age 68, mother in law at age 67 and several friends who have left us way too early, I am passionate about making sure my friends and family know I love them. And yes, I sometimes show them how much I love them with food.

Third Aspiration: Your life is a precious gift, surround your loved ones with your heart felt sense of love, kindness and beauty.


You friends and family want more time with you… all of you.

What ways can you give your loved ones more of you? A handwritten note, a special baked treat, a walk around the block, or gifts from your garden?

Next week: we are taking this message to the next level…


  1. I need to duplicate myself. Love the message but it makes me feel stressed as if I am never going to be giving enough of me to enough of them.

    It's not the is something in my head that is broken...know what I mean?

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! I have been letting so many other things get me all worked up and totally forgetting that my family needs me...all of me...and calm. Not all crazy. I was better this time last year about writing out menus but have slacked a fair bit. I start by writing out the days of the week and what activities will be on that day. This way I don't plan a complicated more involved menu on a day when we have two practices, a girl scout meeting and Tom won't be home til late. learned that lesson the hard way. Thanks for the boost. LOVE YOU!

  3. It was so wonderful meeting you Thursday night...You're a doll! Keep up the great work here on your fabulous blog and I hope to see you again someday! {{hugs}}

  4. Good thoughts! Love your insights.

  5. Time is the best gift we can ever give! Love your message. It was a BLAST to meet you!!!! We'll have to swap photos soon :-) Hope your drive home was safe and sound.

  6. I've been struggling lately with my reasons for continuing to stay home. Thanks for posting these! I went back and read #1, I missed it when it first was here. Great posts!!!

  7. What a wonderful thought! I need to make myself more present if that makes sense. I tend to be there with someone and also in a million other places in my head at the same time.


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