Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Wood Furniture

I am working my way through my spring cleaning, next up, cleaning all the wood furniture in the house.

I do not dust with anything during the year but soft cloths and occasionally a wet cloth if there is something soiled. Look how dusty this piece is….

IMG_7778 copy

Every piece gets cleaned with an old fashioned but very effective cleaner, Formby’s Furniture cleaner and soft cloth.

IMG_7777 copy

Simply use enough of the cleaner to get the cloth a little damp and rub over the surface of the furniture.

I do not forget the front or sides of the pieces.

IMG_7781 copy

I do every piece in one day for two reasons.

  1. I know that every piece got done this year.
  2. The cloth once damp can be used throughout the whole house.

IMG_7780 copy

Isn’t it beautiful? All the furniture has a soft sheen to it after it is cleaned and next, I use Formby’s furniture oil and replenish the moisture in the wood.

Next… ceilings and walls.


  1. Does it have a lemony smell? I love lemony smells.

  2. Glad I came over here, I have been wondering what to do for my dining room table. Even though I know about Frombeys, I have used it when stripping pieces of furniture down, my ole brain did not even think of using it to clean my furniture. I will be out and about today, think I wills stop and pick some up. Thanks!

  3. Wow. You never use polish during the year?? I think I'm going to try that product because my dining room table looks really bad. Have no clue what to do for it.

    Did you do a post on hardwood floors yet??? Would love some advice!!

  4. looks good Cynthia...great tips as usual...


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