Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Organization: Packing up Christmas

By now, I am sure everyone has Christmas packed up but I wanted to share with you how I pack up Christmas. In order to make Christmas more organized, my boxes are organized room by room. Each room has a their own boxes. So next year, when we decorate for Christmas, we pull out the kitchen boxes and decorate the kitchen. We also put all the items not in use during December into those boxes.

By organizing Christmas this way, only one room is disturbed at a time.


When I organized Christmas by like items… bows together, candles together, no room is completely done until all the boxes are out and emptied. ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!!

Let me tell you, Christmas by the room allows you the joy of decorating one room from beginning to end.

I also organize the area that I store Christmas by how I want to decorate the house. First out of storage, the kitchen and last out of storage, the ornaments for the tree. So we put the ornaments in first and kitchen last. This method is a life-saver…. it prevents Christmas from throwing up all over your house… okay, maybe not a life saver but it does make life easier.


  1. always have such good suggestions....

  2. This, my love, is a wonderful suggestion. I kinda do mine similar -- mantel, bookcases, kitchen, tree. I prolly just don't go as gangbusters as you on the decorating. Not that I don't want to though. :)


  3. Oh Lord. I just throw all the crap in a box and hope it survives until next year.

    Oh, well, this year I DID wrap the breakable ornaments in tissue. Does that count?

  4. Those are some pretty nifty boxes. I was at Meijer the other day and saw that they had green storage bins with red lids. At least you'd know what was in them without having to open the lid.


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