Monday, January 11, 2010

Housekeeping: Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

Twice a year, my kitchen gets a thorough cleaning, a good old fashioned scrubbing. Twice a year because I cook a lot. I have three large dogs who drool over the cooking... waiting for crumbs, drool over the dishwasher and love to lay in the kitchen directly under my feet.

So here are my steps to a clean kitchen.

1. Spray kitchen cabinets with a cleaner and scrub with a pad. I thoroughly rinse the cabinets.

2. Repeat this process inside the cabinets. At this time, I sort through all the kitchen items, donating what I don't use, cleaning what I use and organizing everything. I run everything through the dishwasher.. which runs about 5 times the day I spring clean.

3. With a clean cloth, add wood oil to the outside of the cabinets that were scrubbed down.

4. Wash down every surface in the kitchen. Enlist taller helpers for areas that I am too short to see... which is why those surfaces are dirtier than the lower areas.

5. Wash all items on the counter, including accessories.

6. Vacuum and wash all light fixtures.

7. Vacuum the ceiling and floor. I have a pot rack that I take down, clean and wash all the items on the pot rack.

8. Mop the kitchen floor.

This picture is from 2004. My kitchen had just been cleaned... I am painting the kitchen this Friday... Thank goodness. Also, I am moving my copper cookie cutters. Can't wait to show you the new kitchen paint. In three years, we are "hopefully" going to totally gut the kitchen and remodel it but for now, a new coat of paint and curtains.


  1. Do I really have to do this? I have tons of stuff on top of my cabinets. I promise not to have any of my guests get on a ladder and look up there!!!

    I think your kitchen looks pretty! I like the curtains.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. good are so organized....

  3. It's amazing how dirty our kitchens can get...I need to mark on my calendar when to do mine. Hopeyou have a FUN week!


  4. Great post Cynthia, and I can't wait to see your new kitchen colors!

    I'll be posting about my kitchen here in next couple weeks. Finally ... :)

    Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville!

  5. Love your motivation! I really need to clean my cabinets but must admit it is the last thing on my list!

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