Monday, January 04, 2010

Housekeeping: Cleaning with Lemons


The new year always inspires me to scrub, organize and redecorate my home. But since the week after the holiday can be a little, how do I say, down in the mouth, depressing, a let down. I am going to take my cleaning frustration out with a big bowl of lemons.



Lemons will help me fight off the January blues. Lemons have the loveliest smell and make me feel refreshed and the house is clean.

So how and where am I going to use lemons.

  1. Clean all the copper cookie cutters by dipping half of the lemon in a bowl of salt and rub the tarnish off.
  2. Scrubbing all my wooden boards with lemon and salt.



   3. Next I am scrubbing down the countertops with baking soda.

  4. My wood furniture will be rubbed down with Lemon Oil. Using a           small amount on a white cloth, Apply it on the wood surface.

   5. Lemon oil is also excellent in showers to reduce oils in the shower and prevents hard water build-up in the future. Be careful not to get any on the shower floor, as you might slip and fall.

   6. Leather furniture benefits from being wiped down with a little lemon oil and a cloth.

   7. Lemon oil can remove smudges on stainless, scuff marks on floor and refreshes old leather and vinyl furniture.

So ladies, whip out those lemons and cleaning cloths. Not only will your house be cleaner but you will feel better about the chilly month of January.


  1. I am so glad to know all of this about lemon oil! Great news that I can use. :)

  2. good for you....I bet your house smells wonderful...

  3. Sounds wonderful, I love the smell of lemons:)

  4. OH, always inspiring!

    I, too, love the scent of fresh lemons! Mm-m-m ...

    Happy New Year, friend!

  5. The smell of lemons is divine. I am still wading through too much dry wall dust to worry about scrubbing. Hopefully by spring I can work out all my frustrations on the dustmites ;0)

  6. Hi Cynthia! - What great tips!
    I wanted to come by and say a big THANK YOU for the sweet comment you left about my blog being published in Romantic Homes. It really is a thrill, but it’s also a thrill to connect with such kind bloggers like you. Thanks again and best wishes for a wonderful 2010! ~ xo Joy


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