Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cooking: Lobster Tails

With Valentines Day, several weeks away, a special meal is on everyone's mind. Do you go out? Do you eat in? If you eat in, what do you make. Lobster tail, a little pricey, can be a wonderful treat that does not a long time to cook. Also, how often do you eat it? So lobster is a special dish.


And look... this is color coordinated with Valentines. We never go out to eat on Valentines… tooo expensive, too crowded and the food is never good.

Take the lobster tail.


With a kitchen shears, cut through the tail.


Split the tail open slightly.


Season with butter, salt and pepper and broil for 5 to 10 minutes or until meat is white.


A special dinner for two special people.

I bought two tails for $30 at Sam’s Club, served it with baked potatoes, a lovely salad and dinner rolls… Much less than a special dinner out and it takes very little time to cook.

If you want to make it less expensive, add shrimp and two smaller tails..


  1. That looks fantastic! Same price as a dinner out to Applebee's and much much better!!

  2. great idea....I love shrimp also...

  3. Or even throw in a small filet and go for the surf-n-turf...I know, it's the Midwesterner in me! :)

    BTW, broiled lobstah is one of my favorites!

    Tuesday HUGS!

  4. What a good idea!! I would absolutely love it but DH does not like lobster or shrimp. Actually he will eat tempura shrimp. Maybe I could do something like that.
    By the way, much as I would like, only the socks are going to St. Louis, I am staying home:(

  5. What a great idea! In my town you can't get reservations on Valentine's Day or if you can, you are fighting a mob or eating at midnight. I prefer a great homecooked meal anyway.

    Susan at Charm of the Carolines

  6. I swear.
    I could live on lobster.
    (And pizza.)

  7. It seems like I have so many recipes lately for lobster--it must be a sign for me to get some! yummers! Great idea for V-day dinner!


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