Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cooking: Fried Rice

Oh Chinese food is one of our favorite foods. But I am mystified by what the heck is in most Chinese dishes and who knows how many calories each dish holds?

Fried rice is one of those dishes, but unlike most Chinese dishes, it is fairly easy to make.

Start with cold rice. This dish is a perfect dish for leftover rice or double your rice one evening and freeze it.


Heat two tablespoons of oil in wok. I do not have a wok but use a frying pan.


Add cold rice when the oil is heated. Gently stir or flip the rice over ensuring all the rice is covered in oil. You might need to add oil as needed.

Now, add some pork or chicken, green onion, carrots, or empty your fridge. Continue to fry.

Once cooked until all the rice is slightly brown, make a well in the center of the rice. Add two eggs, well-beaten and stir cooking the egg in the center.


Next stir the egg throughout the rice mixture. Lastly add soy sauce to taste.


The rice is delicious and very easy.


  1. When I hit the lottery I am building you a house behind me and keeping you as my own.

    Well, if you'd have me ;0)

    No one besides me will eat Chinese food. I think their taste buds are challenged. *sigh*

  2. Thanks for the tidbits on the fried rice. Now....I need a post on how to make perfect rice. Mine is either hard, sticky, watery, gross..... :(
    I've tried different brands and have gotten eatible rice but nothing to write home about.


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