Saturday, January 23, 2010

Confession: What to do when they grow up!!

One of the worse things for a mother is watching their children grow up and leave the nest.

One of the benefits of them growing up is you get to see what neat adults they are becoming… a fair trade off. Even though I love toddlers, elementary school, middle school and high schoolers.

But when did they get skills?


I mean like shredding?


You were the child who hung to the rails when you roller skated?

Brett 10a

You did grow up to be very handsome!!!


And you guys like Dr. Pepper…. like father


Like daughter!!!


P.S. My husband is hoping we will get a free case of Dr. Pepper, if they read this blog… I doubt they read the blog, dear.


  1. Cynthia,
    What a great post...I feel your pain...they grow up way too fast and then they are goooone!! Hope you have a FUN weekend!


  2. It's one of the worst and one of the best things in life isn't it? You know how I've pined over this time in life. I want my boys to go because they are supposed to. It sure is hard though.

  3. BTW, you know I'm a native Texan...home of Dr. Pepper. :)

  4. Yes, even better than just a case of Dr. Pepper would be a sponsorship on your blog. Now that would be awesome.

    Love the cute pic of B as a wee tot! So cute in his overalls and roller skates!!! :)


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