Friday, January 15, 2010

Confession: My Reading Obsession

As many of you know, I am an Economist and an Accountant. So when I tell you I have an obsession about reading, you probably think I have the latest Economics book by my bedside, NOT!!! No way, no how!!

And reading some of your blogs, I realize you all are so smart by your reading lists. Stacey recommends some phenominal books and so does Edie!!! They are so well read and rounded.

However, since my hubby has put a ring on my finger… ummm, a long time ago, my reading obsession has always been cookbooks. Yes, cookbooks. I have no less than four cookbooks next to my bed. When I couldn’t afford cookbooks, the library was my favorite stop.

As I read cookbooks, I add post it notes.. for future menus. I do occasionally read other books, I have a Kindle but would never put a cookbook on it. I have to look at the pictures. And, I did read two non-cooking books on our vacation last week… it was tough.

So what books am I reading?


The Blackberry Farm Cookbook

A gorgeous book about a wonderful inn near Knoxville. Sam Beall has great recipes and beautiful pictures.


The Lee Brothers: Southern Cookbook

Like me, they are transplanted Yankees who have great appreciation for Southern Cooking and a love of all things Southern.


The Lee Brothers: Simple Fresh

Another beautiful book, simpler than the previous book. More for the home cook.

And of course:


Pioneer Woman Cooks

I love her stories, recipes and pictures.

My obsession knows no end… I give cookbooks to my friends for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I scour yard sales, library sales, and used book stores for cookbooks.

So what is your reading obsession?


  1. your cookbook obsession explains why you are such a great cook....

  2. My reading obsession is pretty much anything I can get my hands on, but you know that already. In the last month I've read 9 books and just started # 10 last night. I got a Barnes & Nobel Nook for Christmas and it is my new best friend!

  3. I love anything and everything written by my friend Janette Oke. And....cookbooks. However, mine are in pristeen condition. I know that you actually put yours to use. I mostly drool over mine. :) My Pioneer Woman cookbook and her website, have seen some good wear though.

  4. Hey girl! I'm backtracking on my blog reading because we've been out of town.

    I finished reading The Glass Castle and let me tell you it was so good. I really do recommend it if you want to read a biographical piece. I couldn't put it down.

    I love cookbooks too. Everybody is gaga over Ree's book. Since she is an Oklahoman I guess I better get it asap! :)


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