Friday, January 29, 2010

Accomplished Women Part 2

Let me give you some background. I grew up in a difficult childhood, while lots of people have difficult childhoods. Mine left me with a strong desire to have a family, correct the mistakes of my past and more than anything a passion to create a beautiful environment. Awww... the token baby picture.

A place on earth where my family would know unconditional love and acceptance. But more than that, a corner of this earth where their world would be just LOVELY… like when you bite into a piece of exquisite chocolate cake. My desire was that home would a refuge, a haven.

My dining room:

My living room:

And maybe lovely is too shallow a word but it encompasses my goal for my family. Their dinners would be lovely, their rooms would be lovely, their parents would be lovely to them.

The world can be a cruel place but I would find a way to make it lovely for them…. which leads me to my next aspiration for you.

Your unique qualities make you qualified to be the wife and mother to your family. Despite Oprah’s message to live your best life, my message is

Second Aspiration:

You are God’s gift to your children and husband as they are to you.

My difficult childhood made me uniquely qualified to care for my family in my way. It may not be the right way, it may not be the way others would raise their family but I am the best mother to my children and the best wife to my husband.


  1. that is wonder many with a bad childhood go on to live a bad adulthood...sounds like you do the best for your family...and you are passing this on to others who might need a little boost....great post...

  2. I think I could have written this post. Funny how we are shaped, isn't it?

  3. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. And you have created a beautiful life for your whole family!

  4. Our stories are similar...that's why my focus right now has been to build the workshops for Creating a Joyful Place Called Home...from our blog A joyful place Called Home....and lovely isn't a shallow word! :) It encompasses a warm feeling tone, friendly spirit, and beautifully aesthetic sense of "safety" and "sanctuary" from the world.

  5. And not only do you provide a lovely, LOVING home to your hubby and family, you inspire the rest of us to keep striving to do the same!!! :)

    Love you!


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