Monday, December 14, 2009

Paper Crafting: A birthday invite

My friend, Mary, you might remember her Christmas Card competitive nature, actually, it is my competitive nature, any way, Mary is having a big birthday soon. Despite her best efforts to say she is soooooo much younger than I am, she is only nine measly months younger than me…. Dang it!!!

Well, I wanted to surprise, read “torture” her for her birthday. Enlisting her daughter and her husband, I wanted to convince them to have a “surprise” birthday party for her. And I had an idea for a birthday invitation.

At our Fourth of July party, I took this picture of Mary blowing bubbles.

254 copy

I thought what a fantastic picture of her. So whipping out photoshop, I transformed it with changing it to black and white. Also cropped the little sucker…

 Cropped Mary blowing bubbles

I ordered prints from Wal-mart.

Glued it onto a notecard.

And glittered the bubble.

Now it was ready for the invitation insert.

Happy 50th birthday, Mary. You are a dear and special friend that I adore even if you are the baby of the peeps.


  1. what a cute idea Cynthia...she is going to love you....

  2. I love your awesome notecard ideas. I must remember to start doing them. I know I could totally do them. Could you just you help me figure out where to find the time?.... :)


  3. What a fun photo and I love the glittered bubbles!

    what did the invite say??? just curious

  4. Hey, I (Amanda) am the baby peep of the peeps daughters! I just thought of that! She loved all you did for her birthday! YOU are the best!

  5. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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