Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Paper Crafting and Photography: Christmas Note cards

Trying to find thoughtful and special gifts for friends can be tough. Particularly for those lovely ladies who do not need a thing. Let’s face it, who does need a gift. But I love my friends and wanted to give them something special. So I thought I would share some pretty pictures I had taken during this year.

So I carefully scoured the pictures I had taken this year to find 8 photos to create a note card set.

Some of the flower pictures I took this summer

001 copy

Some fun pictures

043 copy

I knew would be pretty. Remember when I photoshopped them with different techniques and asked you to help me choose?

Here is the peony picture

004 soft and faded copy

and petunia picture that you all helped me choose?


Printed the pictures at Wal-mart the prints were $.09 each. I needed 30 copies of each picture.

Waited impatiently….. for the photos to arrive.

IMG_7640 copy

Purchased 240 note cards from JoAnne’s at 50 percent off. The notecards were $3.99 for 50 note cards, including envelops.

IMG_7639 copy

Using a bone folder, I folded all 240 cards.

IMG_7638 copy

I had ordered this really cute stamp

IMG_7656 copy

to personalize the back of every note card.

IMG_7660 copy

I glued the photos onto the notecards, using Xyron glue that would protect the pictures but also keep the photos on the notecards.

IMG_7642 copy

Look how pretty the cards turned out.

IMG_7664 copy

Another card:

IMG_7666 copy

Tied a pretty ribbon bow around the sets.

IMG_7661 copy

Here are five sets ready to deliver to my friends, I have twenty-five sets more to make. Total cost of each note card set $1.80 and I am not giving my lovely friends anything that will fill their house with junk!!!


  1. Beautiful!! Love how you did everything... great ideas and inspiration!! You are so talented!


  2. You are just so smart!! I'm going to file that in my brain for sure.

  3. What a FABULOUS idea!!! You need to post this a few times a year as a reminder! I need to start taking better pictures so I can do this next year! Great job Cynthia!!!

  4. UNBELIEVABLE!!! You are my hero -- such a crafty little beaver! :)

    Love, love, love this idea -- may be P-Dub would like a set of those? I bet you'd make her blog! :)


  5. Cynthia,
    I love the card sets you are the presentation as well! Great idea:)

  6. great ideas and inspiration!! You are so talented!

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  7. Loved the Sunsphere cards. I'm a Knoxvillian too. Check out my blog. I found you via The Southern Lady, also a Knoxvillian.



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