Friday, December 04, 2009

Organization: Christmas Planning Part 8

Ladies, there are 21 days until Christmas.

Christmas Decorations:
The tree is up and decorated. I will finish the house this weekend.
Outside Christmas Decorations:
The outside of the house gets completely decorated.
Gift Baskets:
My two favorite days of the year to shop is the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas. I love the crowds, the the deals and the “battle”. It is crazy, normally I hate shopping. Well, last year at Wal-mart, they had these boxes adorable cookie boxes by Martha. They came in two sizes.

The cookie boxes are perfect for small cookies and candy treats. And since I have 30 baskets to deliver, I knew they would be perfect!!!!

The smaller boxes will hold

The larger boxes will hold:
  • English Shortbread Cookies
  • Toffee Cookies
  • Chocolate Chips
  • And a still undecided cookie
Along with the two boxes, I have a special addition…. but that will wait for another day.
Christmas Cards
All the cards were sent…. shhhh, I beat Mary at her own game!!!!
The gifts are all purchased and are ready to be wrapped. I have sent the out of town gifts already.
We are on track to ENJOY this holiday season!!!


  1. Inside decorating is finished. Tree goes up this weekend. Cards in the mail today. Outside decorating is not happening this year (we live in such a rural spot no one ever sees it anyway.) Still need to buy lots of gifts, though!

  2. First, I LOVE those boxes. Love them! Second, you are totally ahead of me. I was sick around Thanksgiving, and now I'm out of town for about two weeks. Gifts to buy and wrap, and cards to write and send! Waaaaaay behind!


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