Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gardening: A new flower bed

I decided to add some new flower beds this fall. The entrance to the garden is sort of lackluster but I thought some new flower beds would give the area some awesome “curb appeal”. As a bonus, this area gets six to eight hours of sun.

First I designed the flower beds on paper. Then took a can of spray paint and sprayed out the flower beds.


Next, I ordered some premium dirt that sort of smelled like cow manure, peat moss and well, dirt. The smell is like perfume to a gardener. It is heavenly.


Once the dirt was delivered, a skid steer was used to spread the dirt. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to drive the dang thing. I would have loved to drive it.


Once the dirt was spread,


we planted some viburnum, roses, peonies and tulips. I only purchased the tulips, everything else came from other areas of the yard.

My son planted a tree that his momma drug home from the nursery and seriously, it stuck out of my SUV by 5 feet.


I moved this structure to add drama…. not that I need any more drama in my life but my yard needed drama.


Bare root roses will be planted in February and with the spring, sun and some rain… and keep your fingers crossed, I will have a beautiful entrance to the garden. 


  1. Now that's my kind of project! You just made me realize that I dreamed about putting in a new flower bed last night. How funny. Just imagine how pretty that will be in the spring!

  2. Very nice. I would love to drive that too!


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