Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gardening: Moving Black Eyed Susans

Sometimes when you are at the nursery or garden center, you get all caught up in the emotion of the moment. Okay, well I do but I am weird like that. Some girls like jewelry, I like plants.

Well these black eyed susans were not exactly what I wanted in this perennial border. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty, but too big, kind of like the ugly step-sister compared to Cinderella.


But like every flower, they could be beautiful in the right place. So I decided to move them from their current home to a spot where they would be the star.


They are moving to a dead spot in the yard, next to the greenhouse. their height would be a help to provide some privacy from the neighbors and they will have room to spread.

A side note: every gardening problem usually has a solution. If you don’t like a plant where it is, move it. If a plant is not doing well, yank it out and put it in a different spot. Your flowers will thank you for it.


  1. Oh yeah, I'm a plant mover too. Also if something isn't isn't staying!!

    It's 16 degrees here this morning so thanks for the reminder that we will garden again.

  2. Again, one more thing we have in common -- if it isn't working, move it. Leo doesn't get that about me, but he accepts it's how I am. :)

    I'm sure they'll look beautiful against the greenhouse. I can't wait to see them in their blooming glory!



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