Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Decorating: Fantasy of Trees

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, we went to see a beautiful display of Christmas trees in Knoxville at the Fantasy of Trees.

A series of the trees were made by all the local schools in town. And some of the ideas were ingenious and were handy ideas for the children to help decorate your tree.

A globe topper and the children's handprints on sticks.

How cute, a ball filled with erasers!!!

And Crayons:

A pie plate with cardboard, ribbon and strips of foam.

A tree topper of ribbon and pencils....

Felt letters that the children had decorated.

Even toys were used to decorate....

I love the matchbox car track.

A beautiful origami garland:

And how cute a Christmas ball clued into a cupcake liner with a popsicle stick.

If my children were still little, I would definitely be finding things around the house for them to decorate their own trees...


  1. All cute ideas! My kids and I would make ornaments every year, but now they are "too big." *sigh*

  2. what clever ideas....love looking at christmas trees

  3. In our town it's called Festival of Trees. It's amazing how creative the trees can be.

    Hope you are enjoying the season! Love and hugs!

  4. Wow - I love these... such cute fun ideas. I put may daughter's tree in her room... very small tree with just a few ornament when she was not home. When she returned she removed my few sparce decorations and decorated it tiny hair bows. I thought this was a great idea.

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