Saturday, December 26, 2009

Confession: Things I am not good at!!!!

Okay, Kim left a comment and said, “Really, one of these days you need to blog about the things you AREN'T good at to make us all feel better. :)”

That got me thinking and after spending four hours in the kids… they were happy to help with this challenge….

Santa is not coming for another 364 days so here goes.

My List

1. Relaxing… I am terrible at taking time off, as a German, I schedule too much in too short of time.

2. Directions! Thank God to whoever invented GPS… I would be totally lost without it.

3. Playing drums! I am awesome at Air Drums. I mean look at that bad ass…. how could I be bad but I borrowed a set from my son’s friend and it was horrendous.

Engagement Party 

4. Seeing the doctor or dentist… I hate them and prolong going them way too long. 

5.  Dieting. I don’t know anyone good at it but I suck at it. 

6. Reading books. I am way to busy and when I try to read a book, I fall asleep.

7. Cleaning bathrooms, I hate it… okay, I probably could do a good job but not my favorite thing.

8. Commenting on other blogs. I read all the blogs but do not feel like I have anything interesting to say other than…. Great post. But I love your blogs. I am just a bad commenter.

9. Writing. I think I am a terrible writer. I have used the word “I” 22 times so far… I am a loser… okay 23 times.

My Children’s List

  1. I am a micromanager.. according to them. But trust me… they could use a little micro managing.
  2. Driving: Their words not mine.. I have been known to take out a mailbox in my time but so not a bad driver.
  3. I am bad at walking along the beach… or swimming in the ocean because I hate fish touching me.
  4. I like bad 80’s music.
  5. I am too nosey in their business.
  6. I write too much about them on my blog. But seriously, what can I say… they are weird and I need to share this weirdness with others.


Kim, I hope this makes you feel better……


  1. That was fun!!! We should all be so honest! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Ooohhhh....I so hate fish touching me too! Ick!!!!

    Hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. boy if I wrote down what I wasn't good at it would take up my whole blog...LOL...cute kids...


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