Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Organization Part 9: Gift Wrapping Station

Getting ready for the holidays is all about organization. And you know I am all about organization. so in an effort to make wrapping gifts easier, pull together a wrapping center.
I am very lucky to have an area to use for wrapping paper. A nice large flat table with a basket to hold all the paper.
But honestly, I wrap presents all over the house.
So I put the small basket of tape, ribbon, scissors and gift tags together to move it where ever I am wrapping.


Once the gift is wrapped, it can go under the tree for a whole lot of shaking and peaking.


  1. How nice to have a place just for wrapping! I have two of those big tupperware like containers. One for Christmas and one for regular wrapping. We have quite a few presents under the tree as well. Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. I have a gift wrapping station as well but we don't put a single gift out until the kids are in bed Christmas Eve-no shake, rattle or rolling over here-hee hee. My trick is hiding wrapped gifts without paper ripping.

    I have had so many Google problems-and it isn't over-Google has no idea how to solve the problem.
    Sorry I haven't been by much-I decided after weeks and weeks of non-stop Google issues, I am throwing my hands up and making much needed visits.
    I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and hope you can come by for a visit.


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