Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas: Gingerbread House

This Thanksgiving, my niece and my daughter helped with making the dinner. But I knew their hearts were not going to be into making green bean casseroles, etc. So I bought them this gingerbread house kit for my niece to take home. I love making gingerbread houses and had never bought one of the kits.

My niece and daughter in their aprons ready to whip up the house.

She is such a good recipe follower. Note, I didn't want to make another dish dirty so I had them use my gravy separator... that's how we roll.

My niece mixing the royal icing..



Getting helpful advise from the experienced gingerbread house maker....

Carefully putting the bling on the roof

She does concentrate hard on everything she does....

Such a pretty wreath.

It was a great bonding experience for the girls and they had a wonderful time putting it together.

They didn't finish icing it as the poor little house had to travel home 250 miles but we did pack all the icing for her to finish it... she was a pro by the time she went home.

If you have never made a gingerbread house, these kits are a wonderful first attempt... and think of all the fun you can have.


  1. Morning Cynthia! Great pictures of your girls. That's a day to remember.

  2. We've used these kits before and they are fun! Love the pictures. The house came out really nice! Last year for Thanksgiving, hubby and I put together a bunch of little houses and had everyone decorate one after the big meal. A huge hit. Sort of like what you did this year!!


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