Friday, November 06, 2009

Organization: Christmas Planning Part 3 and 4

With Halloween, last week, I put a Christmas post on hold. Not my Christmas planning... and I have been busy. Remember, the entire goal is to have a relaxed holiday season to remember the reason for the season. If you forget where we started, look at post one and post two.

Here is where we are so far.

1. I have printed 100 copies of our Christmas picture. Wal-green's has prints on sale through today at 10 cents for a 4 by 6 print.

We included my daughter's boyfriend and thought family and friends might like to meet him.

I also did not take the older dog to the site, he was having a lot of difficulty getting around.

All the cards are addressed and include the picture. Stamps are on my list for next week so we will be completely ready to mail on Tuesday before Thanksgiving…. remember, the goal is to beat my friend Mary.

2. I have a lighting plan for the house and checked all the supplies.

Not a crazy lighting of the house:

But tasteful and lovely:

3. My Christmas gift list is done and some of the gifts have been purchased.

4. Christmas gift basket list is done. I am working on the type packaging and list of items to make, such as cookies, breads, etc. Here is a picture of last year's packages. To be honest with you, the thing people really loved was the personalized ribbon.

We are right on track without the pressure of having too much to do..

Next week, the plan is to

1. Purchase stamps for Open House invitations, Thank you cards and Christmas Cards.

2. Make the Open House Invitations.

3. Purchase Candy for the gingerbread house.


  1. Wow Cynthia, you are SO ORGANIZED! I LOVE the Christmas picture, how long did it take to get the doggies to pose and be still??

  2. wow you are the family photo...we will do ours on Thanksgiving....

  3. Can I hire you as my personal organizer? :) I can't seem to get organized lately...

  4. You are doing great!

    I started working on my list this morning! I'm a little bit behind.

  5. Love the picture! Hooray for you in getting things done early so you can enjoy Christmas!

  6. To be honest with you I haven't done anything. Not even thought about it! Hubby leaves 2 weeks before Christmas and we're still in the middle of our construction project. I have given thought to what to buy for the kids and started thinking on a menu for Christmas Day because everyone will be here, except hubby. I'm hoping we can connect with him via the computer and camera and he can be a part somehow.

    What are you thinking of for the gift baskets?? Can't wait to continue reading your lists and learning from you!


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