Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Guest Post: Installing a front walkway.

I would love to introduce you to Ashley. She is a wonderful wife, teacher, new quilter and scrapbooker. Her husband is a new associate pastor and both of them attended my college Sunday School class. They have bought their first home and are transforming it one step at a time.

Upon moving into our house in Georgia, we realized there was no walkway leading to the front door. Timothy and I thought this was an interesting phenomenon, until we looked around at many homes in our neighborhood... most of them don't have walkways! We were determined to be different and put one in anyway. One problem... too hot in the middle of the summer in South Georgia to be hacking at the ground and laying pine straw. So we waited until late September. It took us several hours on a Saturday and a few trips to Lowe's, but we got it done.


Step 1: Determine where you want your walkway, its measurements, and the materials you need/want.
Step 2: Purchase materials.
Step 3: Dig up the grass (in our case, roots too!) and prepare ground for laying stones through use of a mattock and shovel.
Step 4: Level out ground and lay stones.
Step 5: Fill in around stones with pine straw.


Another BEFORE picture:

That same day, the flower bed in the picture above was tended to as well. We are not quite finished with it. We edged it with egg rock along the house for drainage purposes (we don't have gutters on the house, yet another phenomenon in South Georgia), replanted a beautiful yellow hibiscus plant we were given, and planted tulip and daffodil bulbs. Can't wait until spring to see how the flowers look!

Highlight of the day...

me getting to drive the truck home from Lowe's (first time driving it)... I'm thinking I should make this a regular practice...

Thank you Ashley for sharing your walkway project. I look forward to reading about other projects you tackle in making your new house a home.


  1. Great job Ashley and hubby! I like the natural look of the pine straw with the stepping stones. Bet you have plenty of projects ahead of you. :)

  2. What a nice walk way. I just hopped over to Ashley's blog to visit. :o)
    Have a nice day.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  3. What a great job!!! We had the same thing happen here. While building our house, I politely asked our builder if he could arrange for someone to come and dig a walkway leading from the garage to the front porch. He looked at me as if I had three heads and said, "no one uses the front door. Everyone comes into your house through the garage." I said right back to him, "Not here. Our guests will use the front door." He wouldn't do the front walkway. Hubby did it about a year later. It was back breaking work and we're still not done, it's gravel lined with belgium block. We want to put a brick one in next year.

    And most of our neighbors STILL don't have walkways. Great guest post!!!

  4. WOW! That walkway looks so inviting! They did a great job -- and yes, what kind of "mulch" is that? I see that a lot down here in the South.


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