Thursday, November 12, 2009

Confession: I have the best leftovers.

Some people hate leftovers. I cannot imagine. I cannot fathom. I cannot understand.

I love leftovers.

Seriously, but I do want to add a caveat. My fridge is full of the most delicious leftovers you could ever find.

IMG_2550 copy

French onion soup, Chicken salad, Roasted shrimp, homemade macaroni and cheese, and quiche.

That is the benefit of making a menu and cooking a little extra for lunch or another dinner. I know that I love to cook but you cannot imagine the satisfaction of opening the fridge when you are exhausted after a busy day and pull out left over Red Beans and Rice for you or the family.

I truly believe that in order to love leftovers, you need to have good stuff to love. Loving your fridge is like loving your home. Fill it with the fabulous stuff you want to eat. Your family will love leftovers and you will too.


  1. What a great analogy. You are so right on both counts. :)

  2. we've starting cooking once a week to last for most of the week...we tend to eat out less and eat healthier...always something ready to warm up or make a salad with...

  3. I like most leftovers and I usually have it for lunch the next day as I don't like sandwiches all that much!

  4. Glad you're stocked up on your Activia! :)



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