Saturday, November 21, 2009

Confession: The Art of Playing Hookey

Unlike Sun Tzu, I am not so wise or have such a deep topic as the Art of War. I would like to take this opportunity to develop my dissertation on the Art of Playing Hookey.

My inspiration is Bueller, Ferris Bueller.


According to the Urban Dictionary: Playing Hookey is “A day in which liberty is taken upon oneself to exclude themself from school or work obligations while, most likely, pretending to be sick or having a death in the family. Usually this time is spent with a significant other, sports activity (i.e. golf or playstation), or just plain sitting on ones ass all day editing & writing definintions for modern slang words over the internet. “

  1. I think every hard working person should play hookey at least 6 times a year. Yes, once every two months.
  2. Plan something completely fun. I am not a big shopping fan but hey, what ever you want to do that gives you joy, do it. Last Thursday, I spent the day taking pictures, lunching with friends, a movie and dinner with other friends. I did not work on the computer, think about work, grade a paper, think about housework, do housework, rake a leave, pull a weed or wash a load of laundry.
  3. Do not wear a watch, look at the time or plan anything that you have to meet someone at a particular time. The exception to this rule is if you are meeting friends for dinner with alcohol involved.
  4. Act a little irresponsible. Buy something frivolous or do something that makes you feel like a kid.
  5. Refuse to feel guilty. I am a productive person that does not like to goof off. If I am not doing something then I usually feel guilty.
  6. Do not think about work, projects, housework, and do not get on the computer. You will violate the cardinal rule of playing hookey.


Here is what I did when I played Hookey:

Okay, we did do a very little shopping:

IMG_7193 copy

Okay, and maybe a little more shopping

IMG_7195 copy


But then we saw an upside down house:


IMG_7196 copy

Had a camel ride…. just kidding

IMG_7201 copy

Saw the Titantic 

IMG_7205 copy

No Seriously….. they are building the Titantic

IMG_7206 copy

Thought about visiting a winery

IMG_7211 copy

Good thing because shortly after, we saw this…..


IMG_7213 copy

Umm…. dinosaurs?

 IMG_7247 copy


And a tiger on the rooftop….


IMG_7284 copy

A castle?

IMG_7217 copy

Saw some newlyweds:

IMG_7259 copy

And Tacky t –shirt stores:

IMG_7262 copy


And some Hillbilly Golf 


IMG_7273 copy

But we went through a tunnel:

IMG_7277 copy jpg

and on the other side was the Beautiful Smokey Mountains:

IMG_7234 copy

Crossed a bridge:

IMG_7250 copy

Sat on the riverbank… Daughter took this picture

029 copy

Found this sign was next to the riverbank, I hope it wasn’t important…. like bear eating people sitting on the riverbank warning.

033 copy

Like these bears?

IMG_7220 copy

Picture of daughter taking pictures of river… its like the circle of life…. Nice red vest.. Hello bears… we are here and we are fashionable.

IMG_7228 copy

Stared at a large Christmas tree

016 copy


Ended the evening with friends and ummm Margaritas

034 copy


We had a fantastic day…. laughed, sat, thought, ate good food, amazed at sites, found some good bargains and finally, rested our brains… Like a mini-vacation.


  1. Wow, now that's doin' it up right!!!!

  2. I thought you were in Branson, MO. These two places are similar.
    I'd like to see the Smoky Mountains. The northern Arkansas mountains are beautiful also. Not as tall as the Rockies but still lovely.
    I like days like this too; everyone should have them.

  3. Days like that are so rejuvenating! Bravo!

  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful!

    Even when a person works full time I believe in a mental health day every now and then. It's just necessary!

  5. #1 I love Ferris Buehler.

    #2 Great description and directions for "how to play"

    #3 I love Gatlinburg and the Smokies. My kinda cheeseball -- and I mean that in the most loving of ways! :)

    #4 Great pictures! And thank goodness you and S weren't eaten by bears.


  6. I so need a hookey day like that. What fun. I love the story of your day complete with pictures.

  7. I am perplexed by the new Titanic whatever...It just seems really out of place. The next time you play hookey in G-burg you should check out Roaring Forks if you haven't already. I went this summer and found out most of my coworkers had any clue about the area or had even heard of The Place of a Thousand Drips.


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